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All legends spring from a seed of truth.

Humble Kai aspires to become more than the petite, inconsequential young woman her community sees. Persistence pays off when the village holy leaders reveal a prophecy. Kai might actualize her dream of being a hero if she completes three seemingly impossible tasks.

Princess Solveig, descendant of the famous shieldmaiden Sigrid the Valiant, believes she was born to accomplish great things, but her poor eyesight, weak constitution, and lack of physical expertise hold her back. Convinced she can never realize her ambitions, Solveig settles for living vicariously through her warrior girlfriend.

The appearance of a dangerous jötunn wreaking havoc in the kingdom brings the two would-be champions together. Solveig feels both threatened and skeptical when Kai arrives in her father’s great hall with a “magic” sword, claiming she’s there to save the day after more promising protectors have failed.

With many lives at stake, will rivalry push Solveig and Kai apart, or will they inspire each other to realize the greatness both women desire to achieve … and to survive the coming battle?

Gear up for action and the dramatic storytelling of Edale Lane in this hero’s journey sapphic Viking historical romance. If you like to root for an underdog, experience epic world building, and enjoy women with swords, you’ll love Legacy of the Valiant, the second book in the Tales from Norvegr series. Buy your copy today! 


  • Title: Legacy of the Valiant
  • Author: Edale Lane
  • Release date: 25 April 2023
  • Publisher: Indie Author
  • Genre and Tropes: Viking Historical Romance, myths & legends, hero’s journey, against the odds, second chance for love, rich girl/poor girl
  • Series: Tales from Norvegr
  • Available on KU: Yes


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With a giant on a rampage, can two unlikely heroes save the kingdom – and each other?

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