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Maestro Virve Vintinen is at the very top of her game. She’s the principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra – the classical music world is hers to rule and she does so in style. She has a reputation, sure. She’s been known to make entire brass sections cry with one raised brow. She’s reduced the harshest music critics to tears of rapture. She is widely regarded as one of the finest musicians of the age. And she likes to be in control – on the podium and in the bedroom.

Sabina Harper is the acting concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra but her career until now hasn’t exactly been stellar. Previous rivalries and jealousies have made her wary of the limelight and, with a sick niece to help care for, she doesn’t find herself burning with ambition.

But when a freak accident leaves the London Symphony Orchestra without a conductor just days before their European tour, Virve steps in to assist. Sitting in the first chair looking up at her is the delectable Sabina Harper. Ms Harper is hot, talented and she plays music that fuels Virve’s soul.

Which is odd, because Virve thought she’d thrown her soul – and her heart – away long ago. As the tour begins, Sabina Harper proves herself to be eager for exactly the kind of pleasures Virve likes and they make an arrangement to enjoy each other on the tour. But Sabi’s music, her luscious body and her searching brown eyes threaten to crumple Virve’s steely resolve.

Maestro Virve Vintinen might control the music, but who, exactly, controls her heart?

  • Title: Ensnared in Her Symphony
  • Author: Jolie Dvorak
  • Release date: 6 March 2023
  • Publisher: Indie Author
  • Genre and Tropes: Contemporary, Dramatic Romance, Hot and Steamy, Ice Queen, Musician, 40+ Lead, 25-39 Lead, Road Trip/Tour, Hot for Boss, Femme/Femme, Erotic, Secret Crush
  • Series: She Demands Perfection
  • Available on KU: Yes


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The Maestro controls the music, but who controls her heart?

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