Derry Girls tv reviewDerry Girls is an Irish/British Comedy show with a poignant and serious side too.

Derry Girls is the story of a group of teenagers growing up in the town of Derry in Northern Ireland in the 1990s. The Troubles are still ongoing but there is hope, as both sides, with the help of the US government, are trying to find a peaceful way to co-exist.

Erin, Orla, Clare (the wee lesbian), Michelle and James (the wee English fella) attend Our Lady Immaculate College for girls, under the strict leadership of the formidable Sister Michael. We follow them as they go through the same angst as any other kids their age – but with the background of soldiers on the streets and bombs going off a few streets away.

The Technical Side

The series was filmed mostly in Derry, with some scenes shot in Belfast. It captures the times perfectly – the Troubles and the ordinariness of life for the group and their families. The soundtrack to the episodes is spot on. We hear The Cranberries, Ace of Base, the Cords and many more of that era.

My Favourite Parts

The humour of the Derry Girls is based on what we all know of those difficult teenage years. The creator, Lisa McGee grew up in Derry and has based many of the storylines on her own life. Sister Michael turns the notion we may have on nuns on its head – although if you were taught by nuns as I was then she might not be such a surprise! She is sarcastic, cutting and the opposite of what one might expect from a woman of God. The girls (and the wee English fella) get into the most hilarious scrapes and it as at these times we forget the Troubles going on around them. Erin’s family play a pivotal role in every episode. Hard-working Mammy Mary, Downtrodden Dad Gerry, acerbic Grandad Joe McCool, dotty Aunt Sara and Uncle Colm, the most boring man in the entire universe. The ensemble cast works on every level and is the best I have ever seen in a comedy.

Clare (the wee lesbian) came out in series one and although Erin finds it hard to understand at first, the group unite behind her. By the end of the three seasons, Clare gets to kiss a girl at last and the joy on her friends’ faces show how truly happy and excited they are for her.

Heads Up

There is a lot of swearing in every episode, so if this offends you be aware.

The Conclusion

Kitty FaveDerry Girls is worth watching as it speaks to us all. We were all once teens going through the same things. Most of us didn’t have to do it with the backdrop of armed soldiers on the streets though. But through it all there is humour, love and friendship. It is a masterpiece.

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Where To Watch Derry Girls

Netflix, Channel 4, Channel 4 Player

Bits and Bobs

Director: Michael Lennox

Producers: Lisa McGee

Writers: Lisa McGee

Actors: Saiorse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Nicola Coughlan, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, Dylan Llewellyn, Siobhan McSweeney, Tara Lynne O’Neill, Tommy Tiernan, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Ian McElhinney

Number Of Seasons: 3

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