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I never looked forward to coming into work at the Common Grounds coffee shop and seeing Tenley Hill sitting at her usual table with her laptop. The most popular girl from high school always seemed to harass me and try to get a free latte and was more infuriatingly pretty than ever.
Then one day she comes in and she’s a total wreck. I make the massive mistake of asking her what’s wrong. Turns out her boyfriend dumped her and all wants to do is try and get him back. Tenley pours her heart out to me and, for the first time, I see her as a person and not just the woman who annoys me every day. That moment of weakness causes me to agree to do something I never would have done under normal circumstances: date her. Well, pretend to date her. In public, wherever her ex will see us. She tells me it’s fine, because she doesn’t even like women so there will be no messy complications. I panic and tell her I’m straight too.

At first I hate the role of being a fake girlfriend, but soon I find myself flirting with Tenley and dreaming of her kisses. She’s nothing like how I expected and before I know it, I’m falling for my heterosexual fake girlfriend and I have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m going to do about it.


  • Title: Allured By Her
  • Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
  • Release date: 18 April 2023
  • Publisher: Indie Author
  • Genre and Tropes: Small Town, Fake Dating, Toaster Oven, Coming Out
  • Series: Mainely Books Club
  • Available on KU: Yes


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Mia doesn’t know why she lies about being a lesbian and also agrees to be Tenley’s fake girlfriend, but she’s not going to analyze it too much.

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