3 Books That Surprised Me: Podcast

3 Books That Surprised Me is the topic Sheena is covering on this episode of The Lesbian Review Podcast.

I am rarely surprised by a book. You see, I studied film for four years and what that means is that I studied storytelling and the mechanics of it to the point where I can unpack, repack and shuffle stories like they are playing cards. Couple that with being in the publishing industry for 10 odd years and being a reviewer for close to five years now and you have someone who is hardly ever surprised by a book.

This is why books that are able to give me something truly unique take my breath away. And today I want to share three such books with you.

These are not in any particular order or genre, they are just books that I didn’t see coming.

Here’s a fun fact about me: I will hardly ever read a synopsis before buying a book. I may skim it to see what genre it is but I will never read the full synopsis because I want to go into it with no idea of what the story is so that there is more of a chance for surprise.

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Books we talk about

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The One by KC Luck

Green-eyed Monster by Gill McKnight

Daughter Of The Sun by Effie Calvin


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