In this podcast we look at 2 Unforgettable Fauxmances Sheena Rereads PLUS included at the end of the podcast is the audiobook’s first chapter of both books. These are books that appeared on TLR’s 55 most reread books.

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The books we discuss

Breaking Character by Lee Winter

Breaking Character by Lee WinterPublisher Ylva Publishing and Tantor Audio

Audio Narrated by Angela Dawe


Life has become a farcical mess for icy British A-lister Elizabeth Thornton. America’s most-hated villain stars in a top-rated TV medical drama that she hates. Now, she’s been romantically linked to her perky, new co-star, Summer, due to the young woman’s clumsiness. As a closeted actress, that’s the last thing Elizabeth needs. If she could just get her dream movie role, life would be so much better. The only problem is that the eccentric French film-maker offering it insists on meeting her “girlfriend”, Summer, first. 

Summer Hayes is devastated when her co-star shuns her for accidentally sparking rumors that they’re lovers. Now the so-called British Bitch has the audacity to ask Summer to pretend to be her girlfriend to get her a role? Elizabeth doesn’t even like Summer! Oh, how she’d love to tell her no. And Summer definitely would if it wasn’t for the fact she’s maybe a tiny bit in love with the impossible woman. 

Contains mature themes.

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In Development by Rachel Spangler

In Development by Rachel SpanglerPublisher Brisk Press and Rachel Spangler

Audio Narrated by Ann Etter


From a young age, Cobie Galloway made a career of playing the girl-next-door on the silver screen. Only, she’s not a teenager anymore. Ready to challenge herself artistically and earn the part she’s always dreamed of, she’s forced to face the realization that in order to win the roles afforded to edgier actresses, she might first have to audition by playing someone edgier in her day-to-day life.

Pop star Lila Wilder built a multimedia empire by always having her finger on the pulse of what’s hot. However, as she struggles to produce her next smash hit record, she’s finding it hard to keep her name in the public eye, and a string of tumultuous relationships with Hollywood boy toys no longer captivates anyone’s attention.

Both women tentatively agree to a headline-grabbing fauxmance, with two simple rules: Always stick to the script, and never forget that on the stage of public perception, nothing is real. Can two women find love in a world of carefully crafted illusions, or will a successful charade mean the potential for something more gets left on the cutting-room floor?

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With a thanks to Tantor audio and Rachel Spangler for allowing me to add the first chapters to each of the audiobooks at the end of the podcast.

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