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Champions are amazing with how they support The Lesbian Review. They are vocal and supportive, they go above and beyond. They tread where others don’t. And we appreciate all of our champions.

What is a TLR Champion?

At The Lesbian Review (TLR) we believe in creating positive, women and lesbian friendly spaces. This includes finding and reviewing amazing lesbian books and movies as well as creating other content like our podcasts. All of this however, takes a lot of resources and time to create, so if you are a fan of this site or our Facebook Group please consider becoming a TLR Champion by sharing us with your friends and by choosing to support us.

By becoming a TLR Champion you help grow lesbian owned businesses, lesbian publishers, lesbian authors and lesbian media by allowing us to continue creating a platform that supports these amazing women.

Want to be a champion? There are three easy ways to help us keep growing and show your love:

1 Become a patron

We have a patreon account set up here 

Patreon is set up to allow you to donate a monthly amount and you can stop it at any time.

As a thank you to our patrons we have special gifts and thank you events. The more money we get the more we can do – check it out here for more info.

2 Use our links to buy

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This means that if you click a link on one of our reviews then it puts a little cookie on your browser and tracks what you buy for 24 hours. We get a small percentage of anything you buy during that time period.

So, if you read our review and decide to buy the book then please use our links.

You can also sign up for services like Prime or Audible through one of our links and we get a commission on the sale. I highly recommend both and not just because I get a commission but because I love them.

One thing about us is that we will never promote something we don’t believe in and enjoy, no matter how much money we can get for it.

Facts about affiliate programs:

  • It doesn’t cost you anything extra.
  • We cannot see who buys what.
  • Publishers and authors get paid for the products you buy through Amazon.
  • The affiliate money that we get is taken out of Amazon’s cut of the sales, not that of the publisher or author.
  • We can’t see who is supporting us by buying off our links so we can’t thank you. But know that we appreciate it.

3 Share our content

The more people get to know about us the better. So please share our content on social media. Every retweet or Facebook share helps.

You can find us on Twitter here and you can find our Facebook page here and our Facebook book club group here

4 Buy Our Swag

We have our very own t-shirts, mugs and other fun things all branded with our things.

We always trying to come up with new designs and fun ideas so keep checking back to see what we offer.

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Did You Know?

All our content is free to read and our review service is free for authors. (Full disclosure – we do get free books for review consideration. These are called ARCs or advanced reader copies).

We don’t review all books we get because we only review ones we enjoyed and are happy to promote. This way we can ensure that readers can always find a read that we recommend.

There are a number of reviewers who volunteer their time to populate the site with great reviews. This is a project that takes a lot of time and passion.

Sheena, the founder of the site, funds the hosting, development and promotion of the site with the money that we make from the sales off Amazon.

The site gets so much traffic that we have to have a special hosting account to handle the volume.

Sheena also started The Lesbian Talk Show, a podcast channel for women by women and funds it using the money made from The Lesbian Review.

Sheena would love to start other lesbian and women-friendly projects and will be able to do more if The Lesbians Review starts to bring in enough money to fund those projects.

A portion of all profits go towards female related charities in South Africa. As a citizen of the country, Sheena is passionate about helping the girls in need.