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Ybor City Blues by Gwen Mayo and Sarah Glenn: Listing

Cornelia Pettijohn thought she was getting out of Florida. She boarded the train, but so had three gangsters. Instead of a quiet trip back to Colorado, Cornelia is kidnapped at gunpoint., and pressured into solving the murder of a beautiful young blues singer. No matter how carefully Cornelia explains that she is not a detective, her reputation for solving crimes has convinced the gangsters she’s the person they need to get their pal out of the jam he’s in.

Lucky for her Teddy Lawless and her uncle saw what happened. The two of them are in hot pursuit. Soon the three snowbirds will be reunited and up to their ears in trouble. Just when Cornelia thinks it can’t get any worse, the trio gets a surprise visit from Teddy’s estranged mother. She’s heard about Teddy’s engagement and is here to see her finally wed.

Tampa Bay’s Cuban quarter has never been more dangerous. Club Tropical is closed after one shooting. Unfortunately, that is only the beginning. Cornelia quickly finds herself in deep trouble after a tumble down the stairs leaves her trapped with a dead man. She isn’t sure she can untangle this mess before she loses her life.



Title: Ybor City Blues

Author: Gwen Mayo and Sarah Glenn

Release date: 16 April 2024

Publisher: Mystery and Horror, LLC

Genre and Tropes: historical mystery, snowbirds, sham marriage, 1920s underworld

Series: Three Snowbirds

Available on KU: Yes


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Cornelia thought she was getting out of Florida. She boarded the train but so had three gangsters.



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