Tourist Trap by Kim KatilTourist Trap by Kim Katil is a sweet small town romance between two women who don’t quite trust their family to have their back but find what they need in each other.

For nine years Tricia gave her life to managing the family business. When it suddenly comes under her brother’s ownership she goes west and learns to relax and take the ski lessons she’s always dreamed of. Luckily the owner of the B&B is sexy and fun to be around. Almost as sexy and interesting as the claw foot tub in her ensuite.

Autumn loves the touristy small town of Summit Springs where she runs the B&B inherited from her Aunt Lorna. The hot woman she offers the third floor guest room across from her personal space is friendly and fun, and super helpful at managing events. Their romance is easy, but can they have a future together?

There’s no doubt the two women are great together, but Autumn worries it won’t be enough to keep newly free Tricia from going off to see the world.


The story is a straightforward romance with very little angst and a lot of small town charm. This is part of an anthology series of books set in a western state tourist town, and stands alone quite nicely.

The author gives us a few boo hiss characters that don’t cause a ton of harm but give the reader someone to root against for a while. It sets up the type of revenge a person can only dream of in the real world. It was fun to read about instant karma without making the main characters out to be malicious.

There are reveals to characteristics that continue through the book, which heightens the sense of the women learning about each other as they fall in love. It makes sense that a person doesn’t know everything about someone at first, and a fun part of romance is being pleasantly surprised by the other person.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This is a book that begins with instant karma, which I enjoyed quite a bit. That almost never happens in real life, so it’s fun to experience in fiction. Trisha and Autumn are very nice, very hard working women who deserve more from their family than they’re likely to ever get. It’s fun to read about two people making their own, new family while snuggled in a warm and supportive community.

I really liked how little romantic angst there is in the book. There is no second guessing about their interest in each other and no agonizing over does she or doesn’t she like me back.

Heads Up


The Conclusion

Trisha gets revenge on a family betrayal by going off to live her best life. While on the ski vacation she’s always dreamed of but never had time for, she ends up in a tourist town B&B and finds unexpected romance, the world’s most awesome bathtub, and the world’s cutest kittens. Autumn doesn’t look for romance with the sexy new houseguest in her B&B’s special third floor room, but she doesn’t shy away from it. Even better is how helpful she is with Autumn’s business.

The romantic angst is low in this story and there is a bit of yummy karmic revenge. Summit Springs is a comfortable, welcoming small town that embraces Autumn and Trisha as a background to their romance.

Excerpt from Tourist Trap by Kim Katil

“Get off your damn high horse and stop acting like a martyr. Sure, you took over the restaurant when Mom got sick rather than go off and waste your time partying at college. It was a good opportunity for you, and it still could be. We’ve worked together before, and we can again. Stop acting like you were the only one who helped out. I was there every summer.” His voice had changed back to his normal irritated tone, the warm affection from his earlier statement completely gone.

“Uh, huh. If I remember right, you came back to play bartender and give all your friends free drinks until I finally made you stop three years ago. After that, you didn’t come back at all, except to have dinner with Cindy or the folks. I’m not the one who needs the reality check here.”

“Says the woman playing high society up at some ski resort. You always were ridiculously obsessed with the whole ski vacation thing.”

“Good-bye Scott,” Trisha said, done with this conversation.

Scott sighed. Audibly. It was impressive.

“Listen, Sis, I get it. You’re angry, and I understand that. But this is the family business and we need you here. Take a few weeks and enjoy your vacation, but I really need to know when you’ll be back. There’s a lot to be done before the summer season starts.” He’d switched back to his calm and reasonable tone. The one that implied that anyone who disagreed with him was ridiculous.

“You decided to take on Madison Station, and now it’s all yours. You have Cindy and her grandfather in your corner. Good luck. I have a vacation to get back to and don’t owe you a damn thing.”

With that she hung up the call, letting herself have a minute to seethe.

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