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The Advice Columnist by Cade Haddock Strong: Listing

Lydia Swann’s life is falling into place perfectly. She’s clinched the coveted role of advice columnist at The Washington Post. With her career on the rise, she hopes to buy a house with her girlfriend.

But the bliss is fleeting. The relationship with her girlfriend hits the rocks, leaving Lydia reeling. To compound matters, she becomes entangled in a perplexing mystery. Letters from a disgruntled reader start to flood her inbox. They contain cryptic riddles that bear chilling parallels to a series of unsolved murders haunting DC. Could deciphering the enigmatic riddles lead her to unmasking a cunning killer?

Caught between personal turmoil and the allure of solving a deadly puzzle, Lydia finds solace in the company of Sofia Soto, a captivating figure who sparks feelings beyond mere friendship.


Title: The Advice Columnist

Author: Cade Haddock Strong

Release date: 13 June 2024

Publisher: Bella Books

Genre and Tropes: lesbian romantic suspense, mystery, murder, newspaper advice columnist, sleuthing



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Do letters to an advice columnist hold the clue to catching a murderer?



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