Reviewed by Rachel LH

Rachel LHI live with my beautiful family in Liverpool, UK. I work full-time as a support worker for people with disabilities and love my job.

I’ve always been an avid reader since childhood and read books quicker than I could buy them. These days I have more books than time and it’s standard to find me reading or listening to a book.
Even though I’ve always loved reading, I never found any representation in the stories. That is until I discovered The Devil Wears Prada fanfiction!! Oh, how I devoured those stories, I couldn’t get enough. This led me to search for books like the fics I was reading, and I found a goldmine. For the past 5 years, I’ve exclusively read sapphic fiction. I can’t get enough.

I prefer stories with romance at their core, but I also love action, adventure, and suspense. Anyone who knows me knows my favourite trope is Ice Queens. The icier the better, because then the melt is so much more delicious. I also really love age-gap and workplace romance. If a book has all three tropes, then once I’ve started, I’m only stopping for a real emergency. And I’m talking missing limbs here people (could someone tell my wife that “do you know where my keys are” is not an emergency!!!!). I recently decided to share all my thoughts about these fabulous books in reviews and unbelievably people liked them and bought the books. I’m so thrilled that I can help authors this way.

So here we are, reviewing has become my full-time hobby. if I’m not reading and reviewing then I’m spending time with family and friends in the great outdoors, walking our dog, or socializing with plenty of food and drinks involved

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Black-Bloods and Vampire Keepers by Amy DeMeritt: Book Review

“This book is written in the first-person point of view and you get both main character’s accounts throughout the book. This made the fight scenes very intense, and I found myself holding my breath”

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Integrity by EJ Noyes: Book Review

“What I loved most about this book was the pull between Lexie and Sophia. It’s not exactly love at first sight or even lust at first sight, but more a need to get to know and spend time with each other. “

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Knight of Nights by Karin Kallmaker: Book Review

Knight of Nights by Karin Kallmaker is a Medieval, historical romance with some fantasy elements that shows that fated love will always find a way. Lady Kristine entered into a

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After Happily Ever After Once Again edited by Astrid Ohletz: Book Review

After Happily Ever After Once Again edited by Astrid Ohletz is a collection of short stories from ten Ylva authors, that give us a glimpse of what happened next.   

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Something’s Different by Quinn Ivins: Audiobook Review

Something’s Different by Quinn Ivins is an age-gap romance with a unique storyline involving an ice queen and a twin who swaps places with her sister. Caitlyn Taylor is pretty

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Curious Minds by Rachel Gold: Book Review

Curious Minds by Rachel Gold is a new adult, literary mystery with a secret prize at the end. Maze and Lys are first year students at the university, and thus

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A Curious Visit by Jess Lea: Book Review

A Curious Visit by Jess Lea is a romantic mystery with two main characters as reluctant heroes that give up their holiday to save the day. While on holiday in

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Beyond Any Experience by Anne E Terpstra: Book Review

Beyond Any Experience by Anne E Terpstra is a beautiful, anguish-filled, age-gap romance, about grieving, moving on, and allowing yourself to be happy. Olivia Northman lost her wife 3 years

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Howl by Lucy Bexley: Audiobook Review

Howl by Lucy Bexley is a charming and funny opposites attract, contemporary romance about finding chosen family and learning to trust the ones you love. Howl is the last remaining

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The Business of Love by Charley Clarke: Book Review

The Business of Love by Charley Clarke is a contemporary romance about learning what marriage and family mean to you. Mackenzie Watson is driven but reserved, she likes her world

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