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Gabe Jackson’s military days are over, and she can’t wait to reconnect with her Army buddies in Chicago to open the garage they always dreamed of. When she visits her canine companion Max, who was injured in a bomb blast, she’s immediately attracted to the Sanctuary’s owner.
Lori Turner nurses her broken heart and the rescued animals at the Sanctuary. Her brutal divorce damaged her confidence and her ability to trust, but when Gabe enters her life, solace and uncertainty intertwine.

As chemistry sparks and walls crumble, will Lori find the courage to trust again, or will secrets tear them apart? 


Title: Sanctuary

Author: Helena Harte

Release date: 1 June 2024

Publisher: Indie Author (Butterworth Books)

Genre and Tropes: Butch/femme, found family, military professional, divorce, pet mommy, American lead, friends to lovers, butch lead, femme lead, contemporary romance, workplace romance

Series: Windy City Romance

Available on KU: Yes


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Passion ignites and possibilities unfold. Welcome to the Windy City Romance series.


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