Primal Hunt by L.L. RaandPrimal Hunt by L.L. Raand is the ninth (Yes, ninth!) book in the Midnight Hunters series.

In the midst of power struggles between the Queen of Faerie, those seeking to usurp her throne, and an unseated Vampire Queen, threaten to spill into the Human realm. Wolf Alpha Sylvan Mir calls for a War Council. A coalition is formed between Liege Jody Gates’s Vampires, the Snowcrest wolf Weres, the mountain cat Weres, and Sylvan’s Timberwolves to face the enemy in Faerie. But before the war can commence, another alliance is needed – one in which the wolf Weres must agree to provide blood for their Vampire comrades once inside Faerie.

Anya, a young wolf warrior, is paired with one of the most powerful Vampires in the Americas, Rafe, resulting in an erotic union that ignites Anya’s primal instincts and leaves Rafe questioning everything she thought she knew based on her centuries-long existence.


L.L. Raand has built a rich world with diverse supernatural beings like Weres, Vampires, Werecats, and Fae. And while a good portion of Primal Hunt is spent providing readers with background on the major players and conflicts, I would highly recommend reading the other books in the series, first. I spent a few days brushing up on the Midnight Hunters series because it had been a while and after my refresh, I eagerly dove into book 9!

Primal Hunt seamlessly continues the storyline from Enchanted Hunt, adding even more layers to the brewing conflict. Raand’s ability to weave together a complex and detailed world with characters that readers have grown to know and love is a testament to her skill as a storyteller. With this latest installment, the stakes are higher and the tension builds keeping readers engaged and eager to see how everything unfolds.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

The Midnight Hunters series is among the best sapphic speculative romance series. Primal Hunt is a perfect blend of drama, sensuality, and intense action, making for a thrilling read!

Rannd’s skillfully handles the number of characters in “Primal Hunt”, especially considering the diverse hierarchy and species involved, and I easily kept track of everyone. Catching up with beloved characters from previous books deepened my connection to the story. The strong bonds and palpable chemistry between characters like Sylvan and Drake, Jody and Becca, and Nikki and Sophia added depth and emotion to the narrative.

The dynamic between Anya and Rafe is incredibly intriguing! The initial sparks and antagonistic banter between them create such tension and anticipation. Their connection defies expectations, especially considering their backgrounds and the initial lack of connection with their previous partners.  Their interactions evolve throughout the story and allow for more intimate connections. Their swift and all-consuming relationship is like a rollercoaster ride of emotions and intensity which I thoroughly enjoyed! 

Heads Up

Sheena’s addition: You should read the entire series to understand all the ins and outs of the world and the characters. Each book concentrates on a new romance but it’s better when you read all of it.

The Conclusion

Primal Hunt is a thrilling addition to the Midnight Hunters series, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with its gripping storyline and dynamic character interactions.

The mix of familiar faces and fresh personalities adds depth to the narrative, while the impending battle amps up the tension and drama, testing the bonds of loyalty and trust among the characters.

The pairing of Rafe and Anya is captivating and dynamic. Their differing viewpoints and tension create a compelling blend of entertainment and sensuality adding an extra layer of excitement and passion. I highly recommend this book for fans of the series and newcomers alike!

Excerpt from Primal Hunt by L.L. Raand

As her gaze passed over the Weres, her speculative perusal stopped short on one of the Timberwolf Weres who gazed directly back at her. A redheaded female, unusual among the wolves but not unheard of, whose piercing green gaze somehow spanned the distance between them and bored into Rafe’s. Most other species avoided direct eye contact with Vampires, wisely wary of the possibility of being enthralled.

This wolf seemed to have no such concern and continued to assess her with bold abandon. Ordinarily, Rafe would’ve dismissed the scrutiny, but the sheer audacity of a wolf who appeared to be only a few years out of adolescence surprised her, and that was a sensation so foreign to her that she paused in her surveillance. Paused and studied the female.

Young, as she’d first surmised, full-breasted, with a tapered waist and a flare to her hips obvious even in the uniform all the Were sentries wore—khaki BDUs and formfitting black T-shirts. Muscles were obvious as they were in every Were, but her body seemed made for seduction. The thought brought Rafe up short. If the Were had been another Vampire, she’d think she’d been enthralled. Her concentration and her focus had been diverted from her duty, and that never happened. Mentally grimacing, she broke eye contact and returned her attention to Sylvan Mir. Even as she looked away, she imagined the female’s gaze still on her.

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