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Novel Problems: A Sapphic Small-Town Summer Romance by Elizabeth Luly: Listing

Hannah Taylor has some novel problems. The best-selling fantasy author, who writes under a secret pen name, is suffering from writer’s block after her long-term relationship collapses. With the deadline for her next novel fast approaching, Hannah flees Manhattan for Sapphire Springs, New York, planning to hide away until she finishes her book. But when she’s forced to visit the local cafe-bookstore, she accidentally finds herself with a new job and one very attractive new boss. Distractions she definitely doesn’t need with her looming deadline… or does she?

George O’Grady worked hard to turn Novel Gossip into the cafe-bookstore of her dreams, but staff shortages are putting the normally unflappable lesbian under pressure. Hannah’s appearance is a godsend. Although it would be easier if her new employee was less distractingly lovely, because George has a strict rule against dating employees.

Over the course of the summer, Hannah and George grow closer. But can the two book lovers overcome their novel problems, rules, and relationship baggage to write their own happy ending?


Title: Novel Problems: A Sapphic Small-Town Summer Romance

Author: Elizabeth Luly

Release date: 30 May 2024

Publisher: Indie Author

Genre and Tropes: Small-town; golden retriever love interest; opposites attract; workplace romance; mistaken identity

Available on KU: Yes


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A sapphic small-town summer romance featuring a socially anxious fantasy author and a golden retriever cafe-bookstore owner, perfect for your next beach read!



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