A Heart This Big by Cheyenne BlueA Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue is a delightful opposites attract and rich girl/poor girl romance that just makes my nerdy heart happy every time I think about it.

Nina Pellegrini gives an enormous amount of her time, energy and love to Banksia farm and the Barn Kids program that she is in charge of because she gets to share her love for her animals and the great outdoors with city children. All is well with Nina’s world until a little boy gets hurt on her property and a lawsuit begins to threaten everything that is dear to her heart. Nina will do anything to save her farm and she decides to turn to one of the most respected lawyers in Sydney and that person is definitely Leigh Willoughby.

Leigh Willoughby’s uptown and well-ordered world is a far cry from the busy farm with cute animals and boisterous children. There’s no space in her hectic schedule for small, pro bono cases or off-the-record farm visits that ruin her clothes and her mood. However, there’s just one problem—how can Leigh say no to Nina, a woman with the biggest heart she has ever met and her strong-willed, twelve-year-old daughter, Phoebe?

Will Leigh be able to help Nina save the farm? Will these awesome women be able to embrace the love they truly deserve or will they allow their differences to drive them apart?

The Characters

Leigh Willoughby is a prominent lawyer who has a one-track mind when it comes to her lucrative career and her opulent lifestyle. Leigh is a firm believer in the scale of justice and she is a “I must do everything by the book” kind of woman. I must come clean and say that I have so much respect for Leigh because she had to make some really tough decisions between doing what was ethically right and being true to her heart and the woman she fell hopelessly in love with. Leigh is also a sweetheart because she hides her tender heart under the many layers of what is expected of her from her prestigious job, her wealthy family and even from the people she usually associates with. There’s nothing more beguiling than a woman who is as cool, calm, collected and stunning like Leigh. (Wicked wink!)

Nina Pellegrini is the proud owner of Banksia Farm. She runs a program for city children to learn about growing their own food, taking care of animals and they would also have the opportunity to learn the art of riding a pony. To me, Nina is the epitome of all that is wholesome and loving in the human race because she has a huge and all-encompassing heart of pure gold! Nina has no qualms about helping someone in need and she treats everyone in her life like family. I’m always falling for women in lesfic and I think it’s high time that someone should have created a machine that would be able to bring fictional characters to life because my life would never have a dull moment and I would have dated all the women I’ve been swooning over.

The Writing Style

Once again, Cheyenne Blue has blown me away with another story that contains endearing and fun-loving characters! I’m a huge fan of the witty banter between Leigh and Nina. Plus, I also enjoyed learning about each character’s personality, their flaws and their deepest desires through the author’s flawless writing. Thanks to Cheyenne Blue, I’m sorely tempted to board a plane just to see the urban and rural areas of Sydney’s beautiful landscape with my own eyes.

The Pros

Who could resist a sprawling oasis with quirky animals, precocious children and two women who are destined to be together even though they are in the midst of a legal battle to hold on to a beloved farm? I don’t know about you but I was defenseless against the Australian charm that was prevalent throughout this enthralling story! I couldn’t get enough of Nina, Leigh, Phoebe, Grizz, the farm volunteers, the Barn Kids and the Dare to be Different children.

The Cons

I really wished this story was part of a series. Sigh…

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that tugged on my heartstrings, made me laugh and caused me to have a fierce argument with my kindle each time these phenomenal women allowed their financial status and lawyer/client relationship to stand in the way of their heart’s desire. I am very pleased to say that this story has done all of the above for me. Just don’t read this story during the work week because you’ll lose track of time and you’ll end up reading long into the night… Take it from me, I’ve had to craft amusing and entertaining excuses for my boss to explain my late arrivals at work and those tall tales have enhanced my creative writing skills by far!

Excerpt from A Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue

“Ms. Willoughby.” Nina stood directly in front of her so that Leigh was forced to come to a stop or brush past her. “I understand from your paralegal that you don’t feel you can help me, but I only ask for ten minutes of your time.”

“I’m sorry, I only have a few minutes to grab lunch before my next appointment.” It was a lie, but Nina wouldn’t know that.

“Then let me buy you lunch. Ten minutes, Ms. Willoughby—Leigh—that’s all. Then if you still can’t help me, I’ll leave you alone.”

Nina’s face was pinched and her eyes had an overlay of worry. Dark circles under her eyes stood out even against her tanned face. “Please,” she said again.

Leigh looked at Nina. The woman was obviously on edge. Her fingers clasped her bag so tightly her knuckles were white. One tiny part of Leigh’s mind softened. Nina was a woman, a mother, and, from the look of her, a battler. Nina was the sort of person Leigh had thought she’d be helping when she became a lawyer. A genuine person having a hard time with the law through misfortune. But somewhere along the way, Leigh had been sucked into the world of insurance law, helping major corporations pay out as little as possible to injured people.

Leigh tightened her lips. They were not alone in reception. There were clients there, real clients, and although they appeared absorbed in magazines, Leigh would bet her BMW they were avidly listening. It would look bad if she dismissed Nina. “Walk with me. It’s a five-minute walk to the café. Tell me what’s on your mind.”

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