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Dr Jay Tanner has meticulously crafted her career trajectory from a humble working-class background to a top executive position at Magenta Oil, positioning herself for the coveted CEO role. She indulges in flings with unattainable women at an exclusive club, content with her current lifestyle.

Cordelia Armstrong-Forde comes from a privileged lineage but has dedicated her life to advocating for charitable causes and fighting against big oil corporations. While she isn’t actively seeking romance, she trusts the universe to guide her towards it.
When Jay and Cordelia meet at the members-only club, sparks fly, but their contrasting ideologies on saving the planet present a significant obstacle. Despite their undeniable chemistry, they seem incompatible. As they’re forced to work together, will their opinions soften, or will their staunch beliefs prohibit their love from blossoming?

Title: Green for Love

Author: E.V. Bancroft

Release date: 1 June 2023

Publisher: Butterworth Books, Indie Author

Genre and Tropes: Angsty; enemies to lovers; rich girl/poor girl; contemporary romance; forced proximity; opposites attract

Available on KU: Yes


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