Fruits of the Gods by William C. Tracy: Listing

Taste the magic of the gods!

Sisters Kisare and Belili uproot an ancient box in their owner’s orchard and find a miracle inside: a fifth godfruit in a society that knows only four. It is punishable by death for non-nobles to eat godfruit, so the sisters hide the discovery and plot to escape servitude for good. With the power represented in the box, they could live as nobles themselves.

But Kisare finds her new freedom more difficult than she imagined, and Belili has many secrets she strives to keep hidden. With the help of a people slowly losing their culture and technology to the powerful nobles, the sisters lead an infiltration of the highest levels of noble society.

While Kisare finds she cares for the captured leader of the people helping them, Belili comes to love her noble suitor’s guard—a fierce woman with a similar past to her own. In the end, the fifth godfruit may bring harmony to the world, but the sisters’ only hope of succeeding lies in deciphering ancient mythologies surrounding the gods’ original plan for their people.


Title: Fruits of the Gods

Author: William C. Tracy

Release date: 14 November 2023

Publisher: Space Wizard Science Fantasy

Genre and Tropes: Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Magic user, trapped together, sisters, bodyguard

Available on KU: Yes


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Two sisters escape confinement, learn to use magic, and plot to overthrow a corrupt government!

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