Finding Aurora by Rebecca LanghamFinding Aurora by Rebecca Langham is a totally adorable retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

Talia has long had a crush on Prince Amir, but she knows he’ll never be hers. Especially not now that she’s helping him find Aurora Rose, in the hopes that he can wake the sleeping princess with true love’s kiss and join their kingdoms.

Why is Talia his only companion? As Grimvein’s Leading Caster, she’s the single best chance he has to make his way through the century-old traps laid by a furious witch.

Is there more to it than that? Well, yes, but I can’t tell you any more without dropping hints that might spoil a really fantastic twist.

The Characters

Finding Aurora is told from Talia’s perspective and she’s a fabulous narrator, helping us understand their world, how her powers work, and the challenges she and Amir face as they make their way to Aurora.

Even though we didn’t get a lot of time with most of the characters, since it’s a novella, they were all drawn well. Langham does a great job of delivering just the right amount of information to make sure we get invested in them and what they’re experiencing.

The Writing Style

What a wonderful book! I especially loved how Langham delightfully queered up Sleeping Beauty in more ways than one (again, I’m avoiding sharing spoilers), while keeping the story in a traditional fairy tale setting.

The Pros


The Cons


taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

This is SUCH a cute and enjoyable story. I totally loved it and highly recommend it.

Excerpt from Finding Aurora by Rebecca Langham

Turning on the spot, Amir scanned the palace. As he did, small pebbles cracked beneath his feet, breaking the dense, eerie silence that had descended on us the moment we stopped speaking. The quietude seemed alive, somehow.

“Wow, indeed,” he said. “This palace is much larger than the one at home.” He waved his arm, indicating the length of the building and its many doorways.

“It’s certainly spectacular.” I took in more details of the scene. Windowpanes beyond the pillars were caked with dust. One door had been irreparably scarred by a ghastly wound, perhaps the result of an axe. Had someone else made it this far? I realised there were several possible exits from the courtyard. “But, which way do we go? I count four towers.”

“Hmm.” He rubbed the back of his hand against his cheek. “Good point. How are we to know which one she will be in?” He looked past me, his eyes glassy and wide. “I’d say that she’s in the north tower.”

“Why? How do you know?”

“Because of them.” He pointed with his chin, and I turned.

“By the goddess.” I gulped, hardly able to believe what was happening in front of us. Four waist-height statues lined up in front of the north alcove were changing colour, the stone flaking away like leaves in the wind, leaving behind repulsive, scaly skin afflicted by oozy sores. Stumpy fingers and toes started to wriggle as the trapped entities became aware of their wakeful state, the final shards of rock falling from their putrid bodies.

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