The Fiend Queen by Barbara Ann WrightThe Fiend Queen by Barbara Ann Wright as well as the rest of the series (A Pyradisté Adventure) and its characters are now ingrained in my soul. I’m so sad that this is the last book in the series and I’m not ready to let it all go. I’ll probably never forget about this story, it has definitely taken a piece of my soul with it to the “to be read again” shelf.

If you haven’t read books 1, 2, or 3 of the series A Pyradisté Adventure, you may spoil some of their aspects by reading this review.

Everything is coming to a head for the battle of the Kingdom of Farraday against Roland, The Fiend King. The castle walls of Marienne are the battle’s main stage.

Katya’s and Starbride’s friends are falling one after another, all around them. When Katya disappears beneath the sphere of a disintegration pyramid, in a moment of grief and desperation, Starbride uses the ultimate evil to combat evil even though she may pay the price.

Fight fire with fire, get more fire.

The Characters

There were so many amazing characters throughout the series. This book was no exception. I never got bored with the original characters because they always kept growing with the story. On the flip side, I never had a problem with any of the new characters introduced because they were all extremely likable.

The Writing Style

After reading this series Barbara Ann Wright has made my favorite author list. Her writing always seems to sweep me away to another world. The pacing, characters, and language were all perfect.

The Pros

I am so addicted to Fantasy now. I knew fantasy was one of my favorite genres but it was always hard for me to come by a consistent source of fantasy books. After finishing the series A Pyradisté Adventure I knew that I had found a diamond. I can’t wait to read the rest of Barbara Ann Wright’s works.

The Cons

There aren’t really any cons for me. But I do have some questions for the author.

brooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

Read it! If you are into fantasy, I have no problem putting my name to recommending this book. I am obsessed and I don’t know how I will ever want to read a non-fantasy Lesfic ever again. I literally felt drunk off the series. Even after I was done with this book I thought about it constantly for at least two days.

Excerpt from The Fiend Queen by Barbara Ann Wright

“Katya, we have to go,” Castelle said.

Given time, Averie would recover and dog their steps again. She wouldn’t stop until she was killed. Katya pictured the pained expression of shock on Averie’s face as Katya’s blade sank into her heart. A look like that would live with her forever. But if they captured her, she’d be executed eventually, and Katya bet that however she went to her grave—stoically quiet or cursing their names—she wouldn’t bear the peaceful expression she wore in sleep.

Katya kissed Averie’s soot-stained forehead. “You died long ago, jewel of my heart, in a battle bravely fought. Whatever awaits us after death, I hope you find peace, with no ungrateful royalty bossing you about.” Katya smoothed the hair from Averie’s cheeks, curled a hand around her chin, and pinched her nose and mouth shut.

Ma gasped, but no one spoke. There were faster ways to kill someone, but Katya couldn’t bear the thought of slitting Averie’s throat. She remembered Crowe telling her that he had killed Roland in nearly this same fashion. Of course, if Crowe had slit Roland’s throat, Katya suspected that even the Fiend couldn’t have saved him.

Crowe would have agreed, but he still would have said something like, “If we must kill those we love, best we do it softly.”

Averie shuddered once, and then she was gone, her eyes not even opening before the end.

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Note: I received a free review copy of The Fiend Queen by Barbara Ann Wright. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion, I refuse to review books.