Eyes-On-The-Stars-by-Lynn-AmesEyes On The Stars by Lynn Ames is a captivating yet really tragic novel.

I read Eyes on the Stars by Lynn Ames after I had finished All That Lies Within by Lynn Ames.

Beware readers, this story is sad and does not have a happy ever after ending.

It is 1943 Jessie and Claudia join the Women Air Force Service Pilots – WASPs. The life of these pilots are often dangerous and when you are two women in love, in the military, in 1943 things are even more difficult.

Like many others, Jessie and Claudia hid their relationship, going on dates with men to avert suspicion. The ruse worked well until one seemingly innocent afternoon ruined everything.

The Characters

Jessie and Claudia are completely believable characters. The story rings true and the book is well researched with interesting historical bits.

The Writing Style

The story is well written, poignant and completely tragic.

Lynn Ames writes with fluidity and a gentleness that takes a story like this and adds layers of subtlety. The story was unexpected and the romance read true.

The Pros

I loved the depth of the characters and their relationships. The novel was really well written and the research was fascinating.

The Cons

I struggled with the ending of this book. I can see how Ames tried to give it a resolution that would leave you satisfied but I just couldn’t reconcile myself with it.

The Conclusion

If you go in expecting a sad ending then you will be prepared for what I wasn’t. It is a unique story and a really well told one. Worth a read if you are not a hopeless romantic. The era alone is really interesting and I applaud Ames for her research and great writing style.

Excerpt from Eyes On The Stars by Lynn Ames

“Please come with me, Jess? Please?” Claudia stood at the foot of Jessie’s bed, looking pretty as a peach in a sleeveless sundress and slingback, medium-height heels. Her hair framed her face like a picture, and her makeup reprimanded Jessie of one of those big movie stars.

They’d been training for three weeks solid without a day off. It was Saturday night, and some of the girls were going into town to check out the action at the Blue Bonnet Hotel. Jessie’s stomach twisted painfully as she envisioned some young buck putting his paws on sweet Claudia, even just to dance. She sighed heavily. “Okay, I’ll go, but there’s no way I’m setting foot on the dance floor.”

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