Crush by Ana Hartnett ReichardtCrush by Ana Hartnett Reichardt is a sweet contemporary romance set in the magnificent Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Josie Sanchez is the head winemaker at Cadieux Vineyards whose dreams rely on the success of this year’s crush. If she’s able to produce an award-winning pinot noir, her boss (the owner) will give her her own wine label. This is what she’s been working toward in her whole career and she won’t let anything stand in her way. Not even Mac, the owner’s infuriatingly beautiful niece with whom he hired to be Josie’s intern for the season. Josie couldn’t think of anyone less qualified for the job.

After a colorless marketing career, Mackenzie Layton is looking for a change and her newfound love of wine and its process are where her heart lies. She’s excited to intern at her uncle’s vineyard but upon meeting head winemaker, Josie, it’s clear that she’s less than thrilled with Mac’s presence. Despite Josie’s icy demeanor, Mac notices lingering looks being cast her way. As the two grow closer, the pull between them becomes difficult to ignore but boss-employee relationships are frowned upon at Cadieux Vineyards and Josie doesn’t want to ruin her chance for her own label.

This crush is going to be a messy one indeed.


Ana Hartnett Reichardt infuses her love for wine and the winemaking process through the pages of Crush in such an educational yet effortless way that I was able to follow along and visualize every detail. I also couldn’t help falling in love with the whole process. The gorgeous Willamette Valley of Oregon and the breathtaking Cadieux Vineyards are beautifully described as is the town of Elmwood with its wine shops, restaurants, and quaint stores.   

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Josie is hands down the best winemaker in the country. Her career is her life and she doesn’t have time for any distractions. She is unhappy about having an inexperienced intern for the season and is downright rude and aloof to Mac at times. Despite this iciness, Josie’s adoration for Cadieux Vineyards is apparent in everything she does. Her love for the process is infused in every word spoken and every action taken. It’s the sweetness and compassion for her craft that makes her such a compelling character.

Mac is tired of letting life pass her by and no longer wants to be a throwaway for the people in her life. Coming to the Willamette Valley, specifically, Cadieux Vineyards give her the fresh start she needs. Mac is the type of person that people gravitate toward because of her upbeat personality, passion, and charm. She seamlessly fits into life at Cadieux Vineyards and the town of Elmwood.

The chemistry between Josie and Mac is scorching from the first moment they meet and Josie’s reluctance for anything to develop between them could have led to a lot of drama and angst. But our author does a lovely job keeping the push-pull between Mac and Josie light and positive which really appealed to me. I love the little looks and slight touches that slowly develop between them and when their first kiss finally happened, I literally swooned!

The supporting cast of characters such as Hank, Jack, Reuben, Erin, Georgie, and Shelby really added a lot to the overall story. Their relationships with Josie and Mac give each woman the love and support they both need to find their ways personally and professionally.  Josie’s dogs Tinker and Bone are so adorable and worthy of so many head scratches and snuggles.

Heads Up

None for me.

The Conclusion

Crush by Ana Hartnett Reichardt is a delightful age gap romance set in the majestic Willamette Valley with two wonderful main characters who are lovely both inside and out. The winemaking process is perfectly detailed in a user-friendly manner and this is a highlight. There are two adorable and devoted doggos who will steal your heart and supporting characters whose loyalty will make you smile. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for low angst and high sweetness. So grab a glass of pinot, and settle into your favorite spot to enjoy this sublime read!

Excerpt from Crush by Ana Hartnett Reichardt

Her phone buzzed in the cupholder as she squeezed into an empty space along the curb. “Hello?”

“Josie, hi. This is Mac.” The woman’s voice was bright and chipper. Josie could practically hear the overeager inexperience in it. Just from the greeting, she had Mackenzie pegged as the sort who always got what she wanted. Airy and not serious enough to handle harvest. “Well, you probably know me as Mackenzie, but everyone calls me Mac. And you can call—”

“I’m in section five. In the black RAV4. Where are you?”

It took a second for Mackenzie to respond. “Oh, right. Um.” The line went quiet again, and she rubbed her temple, a hint of the familiar stress headache prickling under her skin. “I’m in section three, I think. How about I walk to you? I know things can be wild out here. The arrivals section is basically The Hunger Games, am I right?”

“Great. I’ll wait.” She hung up and turned the radio to Oregon Public Broadcasting. She liked to have it on low. Like a nice white noise. She scanned the different passengers waiting for their rides, looking for the face she’d only seen in a photo while the sound of chitchat on OPB eased the rumbling in her head.

Then her eyes fell on Mackenzie Lay”ton.

There wasn’t a single doubt in her mind that the woman frantically weaving through people with her blond hair falling out of its messy bun and giant suitcase dragging behind her was her new intern. She had Hank’s eyes. Specifically, she had the same twinkle in them. Even though it was late August, the night held a chill, and Mackenzie had on shorts and a T-shirt, her slender limbs looking exposed and cold. Josie sized her up for one more second before she hopped out and helped her load her luggage. There’s no way this woman can lift a barrel.

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