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The Song In My Heart by Tracey Richardson: Book Review

The Song In My Heart by Tracey Richardson was a surprising delight. I haven’t read any of Richardson’s work before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I began

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Lost And Delirious: Movie Review

Lost and Delirious is based on the novel The Wives of Bath by Susan Swan. Let me start by saying that Lea Pool changed the book significantly enough to make

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Quicunque Vult by Keira Michelle Telford: Book Review

Quicunque Vult by Keira Michelle Telford is very loosely based on the life of Mary Jane, the whore who was torn apart by Jack The Ripper. The book starts with

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Thirteen Hours by Meghan O’Brien: Book Review

Thirteen hours by Meghan O’Brien is a really sweet story with some sizzling chemistry and scorching sex scenes. Dana Watts is a brusque workaholic who is working late one night

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The Pyramid Waltz by Barbara Ann Wright: Book Review

The Pyramid Waltz by Barbara Ann Wright was an interesting fantasy story with a very unique twist. The book is about Princess Katya Nar Umbriel and her love interest, Starbride.

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Coming to Terms by KA Moll: Book Review

Coming to terms by KA Moll is the story about Sawyer, a cop with a history that is too difficult for her to cope with. She turns to alcohol and

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All Things Rise by Missouri Vaun: Book Review

All Things Rise by Missouri Vaun was my very first experience with this author. She and I had some brief Twitter exchanges and I like her, so when I heard

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