Widow (B)

A main character or strong secondary character with a deceased spouse or long time life partner.

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Party Wall by Cheyenne Blue: Book Review

Party Wall by Cheyenne Blue is an opposites attract romance set in a small town in Australia. Freya owns a new age shop and teaches yoga in Grasstree Flat, helping

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The Review by Annette Mori: Book Review

The Review by Annette Mori is a suspenseful romance about life giving you a second chance at love. Silver Lining, a lesbian writer, has been drifting in a haze of

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Heartsong by Lynn Ames: Book Review

Heartsong by Lynn Ames is a contemporary romance that might just make you believe in love at first sight, even in the midst of grief. Danica Warren is stepping back

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Hidden Truths by Jae: Audiobook Review

Hidden Truths by Jae takes place 17 years after Backwards to Oregon ends. In our opinion (Brooklyn, Tara and Sheena), you don’t need to read Backwards to Oregon to read

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In the Distance There is Light by Harper Bliss: Audiobook Review

In the Distance There is Light by Harper Bliss is an age gap romance with a little more taboo than usual. If you can get past the premise, however, you

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The Fall by Robin Alexander: Audiobook Review

The Fall by Robin Alexander is an audio book produced by Dog Ear Audio and it is utterly charming. Narrated by  Lisa Cordileone – easily one of my favourite narrators for

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Far From the World We Know by Harper Bliss: Book Review

Far From the World We Know by Harper Bliss is an excellent read. Its tone is reminiscent of At the Water’s Edge, but the skillful style, pacing, and plotting show

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Deep Deception by Cathy Pegau: Book Review

Deep Deception by Cathy Pegau is a fantastic book with a little bit of everything. It’s sci-fi, packed with action and intrigue, and just enough romance to keep things interesting.

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Never Come To Rest by Keira Michelle Telford: Book Review

Never Come To Rest by Keira Michelle Telford starts in 1913. It is the time of the suffragette movement in the UK and Telford inserts historical moments into the story.

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Heart’s Surrender by Emma Weimann: Audiobook Review

Heart’s Surrender by Emma Weimann is a rich girl/poor girl erotic romance that starts with a scorching, one night encounter and ends with so much more. I enjoyed it when I

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