Castle Wrath by Karin KallmakerCastle Wrath by Karin Kallmaker is the fun, erotic horror lesbian rewrite of Northanger Abbey that we never knew we needed.

After learning that she’s in the running to inherit a castle, Brittany Brannigan heads from her native California to the Highlands of Scotland. All she has to do is last 30 nights in Castle Wrath with the other heir, the gorgeous Portia Tennielle, and one of them will get the castle and the other will walk away with 5,000 pounds. Sounds easy, except Brittany never counted on Scotland’s famous bucketing rains, getting sick, a surly-yet-attractive caretaker, possible vampires, and some seriously sexy nightmares.

The Characters

Because Castle Wrath is told in the first person from Brittany’s perspective, we see the rest of the characters through her eyes. She’s sweet, friendly, and naive, a film student with grand plans to make horror films that resonate with women. Brittany is easily taken in by femme fatale Portia, swiftly gets on the bad side of Melanie, who is filling in for her father as Castle Wrath’s caretaker, and enjoys the hearty Scottish fare that Mrs. Dobnail makes every day for her and Portia.

The Writing Style

The writing in Castle Wrath is so much fun. Karin Kallmaker does a fabulous job at making Brittany the ultimate adorably unreliable narrator, never quite able to believe her own eyes. First person narration can be hit and miss for me, so I was happy to see it done so very well, sucking me in from the first page and holding my attention to the last as I enjoyed the antics in the castle.

The Pros

Oh goodness, everything? Between the great, often funny writing, Brittany’s view of the world and her circumstances, and the seriously hot sex, what’s not to love?

The Cons

Not a one.

The Conclusion

I’m amazed every time I see a different style and type of story from Karin Kallmaker, and Castle Wrath was no exception. It is a seriously fun way to spend a few hours and I highly recommend it.

Excerpt from Castle Wrath by Karin Kallmaker

“Do you like connecting with women?” Portia turned her dark head to regard me directly. Her lips looked crimson, her skin smooth and luminous as a pearl. She smiled broadly when I didn’t answer right away and I noticed her teeth were vividly white. “I’m gay. How about you?”

“Me too.”

“Thought so.” She laughed into her beer. “Well, that’s going to put someone in a proper twist. I thought I might not inherit because I’m gay, but now that’s moot. The next denizen of Castle Wrath will be a lesbian.”

“That’s not the sort of thing that English schoolgirls fantasize about?”

“Not this one.”

It was the perfect opening and I couldn’t help myself. “What do you fantasize about instead?”

“As a schoolgirl it was footballers. I was very hung up on footballers. Then I saw my first girl in a rugby shirt and that was that. Never looked back.”

I stared into the bottom of that third pint of beer and wondered where it had all gone. “Is that still your type?”

“Oh, I’ve learned not to be predictable in my tastes.”

So I didn’t need to be some rugged jockette. I heard the sound of screeching brakes and realized it was the car my common sense drives. I wasn’t here to get married, or even get laid, though getting laid had crossed my mind more than once during the third beer. I was here to inherit a castle, if I could. Of course if I could inherit a castle and get laid, that would be even better.

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