Anchor Leg by Jack CroxallAnchor Leg by Jack Croxall was the first lesfic (lesbian fiction) novel I have read written by a gentleman. I know that there is a need for lesfic that isn’t romance. Jack Croxell was able to deliver an entertaining lesfic novel with strong female characters without having it centered on desire or romance.

The world has reached critical mass with the human population and the recourses are strained and dwindling. People have taken to the skies in search for habitable planets and additional recourses. Space stations have been set up to ease the pressure of humans on the resources of planet earth.

Serene Temples is a security apprentice aboard the Charybdis transport ship. The Charybdis is in transit when the ship malfunctions and they find themselves off course. A distress signal from another ship is detected and relay law dictates they must see what the Charybdis can do to help.

Aboard the Scylla only a scene of destruction and death waits for them, that and a single vile of blood.

When the Charybdis’ EN drive blows and the ship becomes dead in the water the security team must find out what is going on or who is behind these malfunctions and disruptions before it escalates.

The Characters

There are many characters but the story focuses on Seren Temples. Her character is very consistent throughout and I found myself being in agreement with her thoughts and actions. I enjoyed her because she was relatable and all about her business.

The Writing Style

What I found very entertaining about this book is the writing was focused on the progression of the story at all times. It all flowed smoothly with everything connected and really came together.

The Pros

I would have to say that the writing style is my favorite part of this book. Anchor Leg got immediately down to business and never strayed from its course.

The Cons

Personally this is not a con with me but I know that some people don’t like when there is a multitude of character names to memorize. There were quite a few in this book. When I first started reading I admit I had a tiny bit of trouble but as I progressed and became more invested in the story the names became a non-issue.

brooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

I recommend this book for anyone like me just looking to be taken on adventure with a lesbian as a leading roll and not have to deal with unnecessary romance.

Excerpt from Anchor Leg by Jack Croxal

I’m slammed into the mess floor just as the room goes dark. I can’t see anything but I know the rifleman is on top of me, pinning me down. I lash out with every one of my limbs. And then there’s light. Antonio has switched on her helmet torch and is surging towards me. I see the glint of a blade just as she smashes into the rifleman and I’m freed. I look backwards and watch the rifleman/ Antonio tangle plough into the table I was just under. The knife. The rifleman is forcing it towards Antonio’s torso, Antonio trying desperately to hold his arms at bay.

My pistol is right in front of me, lifeless in the air. There’s no time to think. I grab it, right myself and kick off all in one movement. As I ride I take aim and pull the trigger a millisecond before the knife infiltrates Antonio’s suit.

The rifleman’s head snaps back, the pistol recoil sends me spinning out of control. I’m twisting violently in the air, amongst blurry globules of blood and brain. More light. An impact. Somehow I’m not moving anymore. I’m in Artis’s arms, I can hear myself screaming, feel myself struggling to get free.

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Note: I received a free review copy of Anchor Leg by Jack Croxal. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.