A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing by Amy Allen: Listing

Harper Zeale is finally taking up the family business—hunting supernatural threats. One of her first jobs is to solve the murder of a girl at Malcolm-Baptiste College, a small school in central Illinois. It’s obvious the killer was a werewolf, but Esther Talbot—the only werewolf around—is a harmless puppy who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Without any leads to follow, Harper enlists the help of Esther and her friends in the search for the killer. All she has to do is keep them all alive, keep her dangerous instincts in check, and keep a lid on her foolish crush.


Title: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Author: Amy Allen

Release date: 11 January 2024

Publisher: Bella Books

Genre and Tropes: werewolf, murder, paranormal, hunter of supernatural creatures, family business, Illinois


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A hunter of supernatural creatures and a werewolf team up to solve a murder.


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